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Amber Morahan is a well experienced creative retouching with an extensive background.
Amber has worked across many areas of post production within the print and digital industries, her efficient techniques allow high end retouching.
Amber is able to work alongside the client to achieve their vision and deadlines.
Please take a look at the some of the services that are offered below.
Clipping Paths
Clipping path is drawn around the edge of the object (product or person) to cut from the background.
Once cutout, the object can be used on a desired background or as a PNG - no background. 
Paths are saved and layers can be kept if requested.
Clipping quotes are competitive and can work with your budget needs.
An optional extra from providing a clipping path is supplying the image onto your desired background colour, often the most common colours are white or grey.
Image retouching can range from, but not limited, shaping such as liquify/puppet warp, lighting, colour balancing, dust tidy up, manipulation of items (such as fill in a clothing sample hole). 
Optional extras - masking, shadows and reflections.
People retouching can range from e-commerce fashion to lifestyle like families.
Images can be worked along a pre-existing guides by the company.
This category includes skin*, hair, teeth, general touch ups and many more. 
*Skin retouching - softening plus removal of blemishes, redness and correction of skin tone.​​​​​​​
General touch ups on food photography, colour correction, photo manipulation and supplying masks.
Other services like clipping paths can also be applied here.
Visualisation of packaging from designer’s Illustrator flat artwork onto the product image. 
Session editing
This service takes your original captures - whether shot via card or Capture One, and works through an edit. 
The process for this can either follow - selects from your shoot and confirmed via a contact sheet, colour and light editing, masking in Capture One and supplying the images back in your required output. 
Retouching packages can be supplied as above can then be applied to the outputs. 
Prices start from £150 - based on 1000 RAW captures.
Selfridges, John Lewis, Accessorize, Monsoon, F&F, Kris Kirkham, Malou Burger and many more.
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